Just when I think I’m out… Steam has a sale.

As someone who is into, but not super into, video games, the Steam Summer Sale is a weird feeling.

I feel about video games approximately how I feel about my YouTube subscription feed; I started off being super into it and keeping up with it, but now that I have work and am trying to level up in real life it’s harder to keep up with it.

Then my weird completion guilt kicks in and I feel too overwhelmed to try to catch up and… well, vicious cycle.

I already have plenty of games to play. But… but… but…

There’s so many games for, like, $3! I don’t stay up to date enough to know if they are actually any good, or what their metacritic score really means. So then I stop checking.

But then I think… what if a newer Assassin’s Creed or Knights of the Old Republic goes on sale? Sure I’m still on the first game in both franchises but theoretically at some point I will come up to date with these series and then I’ll be kicking myself for paying full price for these games.

(I wanted to insert a picture here of my OnLive games, but it’s being a pain in the ass and refusing to do anything more than give me a black screen. But I’m sure you can picture my sad, lonely two games, one played for 10 hours two years ago and the other literally never touched. I’ll… get to them?)

The running in circles is tiring me. Time to turn off the computer.

Spring Break, Baby!

Despite the header image (I just used that to pull your eyeballs, muahahahaha), even in college I was never one to go out and party during break. No, no, I had papers to write and exams to study for. It’s indisputably cruel to make projects due just after break but all of my professors did it, as if malignantly denying me one damn week off.

I’d make a giant to do list of everything I’d need to do for all of my classes (and all the reading I’d need to catch up on because I completed the bare minimum required of me) and then promptly veg out into my computer for a week.

But here is where I get some payback. Three times a year, the company I work for has a week long vacation – it’s even paid for people at my level and higher! If I was one level lower, I’d still need to work a second job to make ends meet. If I had a degree, I’d be a salaried employee and thus work during the week would be not technically required but also pretty much necessary.

I have finally hit the spring break sweet spot – I’m staring down ten days of pure, uninterrupted vacation. It’s about damn time!
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