The Hunger Games, Racism, and Geek Exclusionism

(Alternately titled: “The only thing tying these two topics together are the confessions that I’ve never read The Hunger Games and have judged people for not being geeky enough – I’m such a hypocrite!” But that was too long of a title…)

For anyone who’s been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you should know that the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games came out last week. And it was awesome. Even as someone who’s never read the books, was sitting in the veeeeeeery front and getting nauseous from all the movement (and probably the full belly of fast food I made the mistake of eating just before) and thus watched a large chunk of the movie out of my peripherals, it was awesome. 

What was decidedly not awesome was to wake up this morning to discover the Hunger Games Tweets tumblr and the horrible reactions some fans had to the movie. At first I assumed this was due to the movie probably being a little different from the book, and I’m no one to judge since I got annoyed when large chunks of Harry Potter were chopped out of the movies.

But oh, no. Why were these fans mad, disgusted, and confused? Because there were African American characters. Continue reading