Uuuuuugh It’s April Fool’s Day on the Internet


I don’t know if April Fool’s Day was ever particularly funny, but the ubiquitous internet “pranks” have left me worn out on the day. The only joke that I can even remember wasn’t from the internet; in March of my junior year of high school a girl began talking worriedly about a missed period and having serious conversations about who the father might be and what she was going to do.

On April 1st she arrived at school with a concise sign around her neck. Scrawled hastily on the cardboard was simply, “I like pussy. Duh.”

Aside from that memorable moment, to me this day is just like any other day on the internet: everyone is biased and/or outright lying. Except it’s  not just links to known tabloids and Fox News that you’ve got to look out for, it’s everyone.


It generally boils down to one of three categories: fundamentally altering a site into something its constituents hate (often in the form of selling out), closing down a site, or offering a product that doesn’t actually exist (looking at you, ThinkGeek).

I’m at the point where April 1st is just an annoying day to be on the internet.


In all fairness.

There were a couple of good ones.

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