Just when I think I’m out… Steam has a sale.

As someone who is into, but not super into, video games, the Steam Summer Sale is a weird feeling.

I feel about video games approximately how I feel about my YouTube subscription feed; I started off being super into it and keeping up with it, but now that I have work and am trying to level up in real life it’s harder to keep up with it.

Then my weird completion guilt kicks in and I feel too overwhelmed to try to catch up and… well, vicious cycle.

I already have plenty of games to play. But… but… but…

There’s so many games for, like, $3! I don’t stay up to date enough to know if they are actually any good, or what their metacritic score really means. So then I stop checking.

But then I think… what if a newer Assassin’s Creed or Knights of the Old Republic goes on sale? Sure I’m still on the first game in both franchises but theoretically at some point I will come up to date with these series and then I’ll be kicking myself for paying full price for these games.

(I wanted to insert a picture here of my OnLive games, but it’s being a pain in the ass and refusing to do anything more than give me a black screen. But I’m sure you can picture my sad, lonely two games, one played for 10 hours two years ago and the other literally never touched. I’ll… get to them?)

The running in circles is tiring me. Time to turn off the computer.

Crafter’s Conundrum

So in case you haven’t noticed, I’m crafty. Also a geek. But something been making it a little tricky for me to be crafty. I’m also…

…a minimalist.


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Whovian Disappointment

Photo by floofyproductions on deviantart

I’m a self-professed Doctor Who fan, though admittedly I’ve never seen any original series episodes. I fangirl out quite a bit whenever a new episode comes out, but lately I’ve been noticing some tension within myself.

Because there’s my inner fan that’s just happy to have more content out, and then there’s the analytical and academic part of me that’s grown up during college and beyond that is less than thrilled with some of the turns the show is taking, primarily in character development.

I used to be listen to my friends point out problems with the show and my response would be that, yes, there were problems, but I still loved it. Now I’m noticing the issues of my own accord…
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Uuuuuugh It’s April Fool’s Day on the Internet


I don’t know if April Fool’s Day was ever particularly funny, but the ubiquitous internet “pranks” have left me worn out on the day. The only joke that I can even remember wasn’t from the internet; in March of my junior year of high school a girl began talking worriedly about a missed period and having serious conversations about who the father might be and what she was going to do.

On April 1st she arrived at school with a concise sign around her neck. Scrawled hastily on the cardboard was simply, “I like pussy. Duh.”

Aside from that memorable moment, to me this day is just like any other day on the internet: everyone is biased and/or outright lying. Except it’s  not just links to known tabloids and Fox News that you’ve got to look out for, it’s everyone.


It generally boils down to one of three categories: fundamentally altering a site into something its constituents hate (often in the form of selling out), closing down a site, or offering a product that doesn’t actually exist (looking at you, ThinkGeek).

I’m at the point where April 1st is just an annoying day to be on the internet.


In all fairness.

There were a couple of good ones.

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The Hunger Games, Racism, and Geek Exclusionism

(Alternately titled: “The only thing tying these two topics together are the confessions that I’ve never read The Hunger Games and have judged people for not being geeky enough – I’m such a hypocrite!” But that was too long of a title…)

For anyone who’s been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you should know that the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games came out last week. And it was awesome. Even as someone who’s never read the books, was sitting in the veeeeeeery front and getting nauseous from all the movement (and probably the full belly of fast food I made the mistake of eating just before) and thus watched a large chunk of the movie out of my peripherals, it was awesome. 

What was decidedly not awesome was to wake up this morning to discover the Hunger Games Tweets tumblr and the horrible reactions some fans had to the movie. At first I assumed this was due to the movie probably being a little different from the book, and I’m no one to judge since I got annoyed when large chunks of Harry Potter were chopped out of the movies.

But oh, no. Why were these fans mad, disgusted, and confused? Because there were African American characters. Continue reading