A Geek Dream Come True

It looks like I’ve found it. The one thing in real life that gives me that same “just one more quest…” feeling of an MMO.


No, seriously.

Stop laughing!

I even wear a swim cap, googles, earplugs and a nose plug. Now you can laugh.

An accurate visual, but you’ll have to imagine all the splashing and gasping for yourself.

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Gamifying Life – Simple Can Be Good Too

I love gamification when it’s done well. Games can be so motivating, so encouraging, and yes, sometimes so addicting, that harnessing that for good – whether to lose weight, learn a new skill, or finish a project – seems like a great idea.

Ok… so it’s not always done well, or with the best intentions. Farmville is ridiculously addicting, and even with it’s basic premise has some clever methods for sucking us in (NSFW). Other places slap arbitrary levels and badges on a page and call it good. Continue reading