I Am/Have Been Old

Recently I caught an article about early vs late twenties, and I suddenly realized that I have never been that early twenties chick, running around clubs and getting drunk.

In fact, neither The Geek or I have never been big fans of getting drunk. We decided to remedy that over a weekend, buying rum and mixers and getting ready and..

Both of us went to sleep after two drinks. Man, I’m an old 22 year old.

So This is Why I Shouldn’t Drink Around Family

(Six months later, I’ve finally changed “don’t” to “shouldn’t”, because, let’s be realistic here, what I should do versus what I actually do can be very different things)

I’m a fairly quiet person. I don’t generally consider myself shy (as in, afraid of talking) with one notable exception: when I really, really want someone to like me and/or be impressed with me. This is why, no joke, I’m fairly certain that The Geek didn’t really know what my personality was like before we started dating. (Apparently a smart, nerdy girl that plays video games and listens intently to him when he speaks was good enough.)

Since I don’t see his family a ton, they’re still definitely in this “if I don’t say anything they can’t think I’m stupid or incompetent, just shy” phase with them, which I realize logically is ridiculous but can’t quite seem to get over.  Continue reading