Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Crafts

Is it weird that I'm really amused at their various facial expressions?

I’m very amused at their variety of facial expressions.

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about my not-so-awesome experience selling crafts and what I’d learned, and now I get to show you some of the fruits of that labor.

Up first are the bookmarks. Cute and fun and…


Apparently hungry. O-Kay, looks like the hearts and monsters need to be separated. Or I’ll just give the monsters some books to munch on.


There we go.

I made some earring cards out of cardboard and some stamps. It’s amazing what a difference a little branding makes!


And finally, I’m just finishing up these cute little stud earrings. Someone specifically requested them (in a rather disappointing exchange where I kept thinking, “yes! I’ll finally get my first sale of the night!” right up until she abruptly walked away).


So what do you think – am I going to be desperately trying to sell all of this off on Etsy at summer’sĀ end?