I Am/Have Been Old

Recently I caught an article about early vs late twenties, and I suddenly realized that I have never been that early twenties chick, running around clubs and getting drunk.

In fact, neither The Geek or I have never been big fans of getting drunk. We decided to remedy that over a weekend, buying rum and mixers and getting ready and..

Both of us went to sleep after two drinks. Man, I’m an old 22 year old.

Teasing Fate

“So what do you want for your birthday?” I asked The Geek as his twenty fourth birthday approached.

“Surprise me!”

“No.” That arrangement doesn’t ever seem to end well.

He thought for a moment, then told me the last thing I would’ve expected. “A tarot deck.” Seeing my eyes boggle, he explained, “I think it’d be interesting to understand as a cultural thing. Plus, from pop culture the only card I know of is the Death card. I wonder what other ones there are.”

Well, to each his own. About a day after he’d gotten it, I saw him fiddling with the deck and immediately asked him to do a reading on me – partially because I also didn’t know much about the cards, but also to give him a bit of a challenge.

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Pizza in the Oven, Book in Hand

Checking the clock, I finally pull myself away from my book to check the dough. I’ve been trying read more, but my ebook of The Magician King was taking ages to read. I had the bad luck to put it aside just before the real action started, and as soon as I load it up on my iPad I’m sucked right in and having trouble walking away.

The dough I’m attending to is just like any other bread; water, flour, yeast, and time turn it into a stretchy, pliable clay to bend to my will.

I can never seem to make a round pizza. Somehow in the process of rolling out it becomes jagged, shaped like a cartoon SPLAT sound effect. Oh well. Pour some tomato sauce over it, unevenly spreading it with a spoon.

My third hand donated cheese clumps together when grated, but I dump it on top of the pizza in little spots anyway. It’s best if you can still taste the tomato.

Leftover meat sprinkled on top along with a probably excessive dose of seasonings, and then my fingers pinch the edges like a pie crust into a slightly more conventional shape. Into the 500 degree oven it goes.

Shit, the fire alarm. I fan absentmindedly at the alarm with my book in the other hand until I realize that I’ve gotten so sucked into the book that I forgot I was still fanning.

But it’s all a sensual, comforting ritual. Knead, shape, bake; read, laugh, analyze. I hope you’re lucky enough to have days filled with delicious food and compelling books.

A Little Holiday

Happy Presidents’ Day, for all my US folks. Hope you had the day off! Seeing as this is the first day off from both jobs that I’ve had in quite some time, I’m spending my time knitting and catching up on Bones and Community. I’ll be back on Friday :)