I Am/Have Been Old

Recently I caught an article about early vs late twenties, and I suddenly realized that I have never been that early twenties chick, running around clubs and getting drunk.

In fact, neither The Geek or I have never been big fans of getting drunk. We decided to remedy that over a weekend, buying rum and mixers and getting ready and..

Both of us went to sleep after two drinks. Man, I’m an old 22 year old.


2 thoughts on “I Am/Have Been Old

  1. Hi, I’m 26 and I’ve never been drunk and I hate house parties. I honestly think that while, there is that stereotype of the idiot 22 year old, they certainly aren’t the norm. It’s not fair at all to the boring/responsible/awesome types to lump us into that category because of our age.

    I didn’t even start drinking until I was 23! Now that I’m older I’m certainly drinking/getting closer to drunk more than I ever thought I would, but I still hate the idea of going to multiple clubs and getting wasted.

    • I definitely dislike the idea of going out and getting wasted. It’s still true now that I’m in the city, but back in my small college town I definitely didn’t want to risk doing something stupid and having my classmates witness it.

      Getting drunk with friends at one of our apartments is fun, I just don’t do it often.

      Go team responsible twenty-somethings!

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