The One Where I Sell Crafts While Being Cooked Alive

My friend Danielle over at Vintage Notions has awoken quite a craft bug in me (I’m even back on Pinterest!), and we shared a booth this weekend at Sacramento’s Second Saturday, which has music, vendors, and food. It reminded me of the farmers market in my hometown that I often went to in college and made me nostalgic.

If you look closely, you might be able to see me melting into a puddle in the background.

Unfortunately, it was also 108 degrees. I felt like I was being cooked alive, with a marinade of my own sweat.

This also meant we didn’t have many customers until 7 or 8, which was when we had to pack up so that the parking lot we were in could be used for a near by nightclub.

All told, with the six and half hours in the heat (including set up and break down time) I made…

Negative fourteen dollars. Actually if I include the parking I paid before I realized there was free parking and dinner I bought myself, it’s more like negative twenty two dollars.


But I’m not going to give up. Not yet. The extreme heat certainly didn’t help, so I’ll give it a couple more tries to see if less extreme weather helps. Here are a few other things learned by seeing my more experienced partner-in-craftiness:

  • Think ahead about how to display items and prices. Danielle came well prepared with chalkboard signs and price stickers, multiple ways to arrange her pieces, and crates to put items on different levels.

Photo by Danielle Gourley

  • Include packaging and branding to make it feel more legitimate and ease carrying bought items. She had business cards at the ready, signs advertising her Etsy account, small and large bags, and earring backings with her branding on it to give everything a more cohesive feel rather than the “random stuff I threw on the table” vibe my stuff gave off.

    Photo by Danielle Gourley

  • It’s okay to not show everything you brought. Just because I have 10 lace jewelry holders, doesn’t mean I need to display all of them – that takes up a lot of space and means its more likely for people to walk by it without realizing its function.

    These are the next generation of this project.

  • Have lots of small, inexpensive things that can be looked through. Time and again I saw people come over to check out her neat $1 bottle cap magnets or gem rings and spend several minutes looking through them, and that’s where most of the sales came from rather than more expensive items.

    Photo by Danielle Gourley

The tasks I’ve set for myself for the next Second Saturday are to use my supplies to make small, inexpensive items to draw people in, create a cohesive price/display look, and use up a chunk of my supplies so that if something is consistently not selling I can swap it out for something else.

I may end up failing at this, but no one will be able to say it’s for lack of trying!


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