An Excused Absence

As soon as I got home from work today, I spent my evening trying to update my Nerd Fitness six week challenge thread. In theory it should’ve been easy; throw up a couple of ‘before’ pictures and a few lines of text, and done! But I needed to resize my images, which led me first to photoshop (not working) then to Picasa (doesn’t have that functionality) until about an hour later I’d given up and was working off a thumb drive on The Geek’s computer.

As we sat down to watch the latest Game of Thrones I started trying to talk myself into being productive – “I still need to write my blog for today too!”

The Geek: “No, you don’t.”

Oh, well if I have permission I guess that’s fine. It’s like a note from your mom to get you out of school. That’s how this works, right?

Anyway, feel free to join my half-Orc ranger in my epic quest to level up my life.

Or just tune in to laugh at my failures. It’s all about the same.

I’m going to continue my evening contemplating the reality that any character I get attached to in Game of Thrones is invariably going to die. Just spare Tyrion for me, okay? Please?


2 thoughts on “An Excused Absence

  1. Have you read the books? I knew the Red Wedding was coming so wasn’t that surprised. Sometimes the show diverges, but I figured that was a major event they couldn’t mess with. Can’t wait til Sunday!

    • I haven’t read the books – my friends that have read them have essentially said that the show is like a second draft – more streamlined. So I’ll stick with the show for now. I need to go find this week’s episode, I’m excited for how they could possibly follow the Red Wedding!

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