Crafter’s Conundrum

So in case you haven’t noticed, I’m crafty. Also a geek. But something been making it a little tricky for me to be crafty. I’m also…

…a minimalist.


It’s mostly a defense mechanism; I grew up in a ridiculously messy environment, and I’m not particularly tidy myself. Having less stuff means that it’s a lot harder to be buried under an avalanche of my own clothes every time I open the closet.

But if you ever visit Pinterest, being “crafty” seems to consist almost solely of making old tshirts into new things, making bunting, and decoupaging every item in sight.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but whenever I see these projects I think, “damn, I don’t have any extra clothes” followed quickly by, “and that’s cute, but would I really want it in my small apartment, takin’ up space? Naaaaah.” (or spend the money on it only to throw it away when it’s not trendy anymore, which on my budget is just not an option)

So I’ll continue to give Pinterest the side-eye while I knit myself into an old woman, hoping one day to find the inner circle of this Venn diagram (sorry, I warned you up front that I’m a geek).

Yeah, you stay down there at the bottom, Pinterest.

(I trawled the internet for a good half hour trying to find a not-ass-ugly Venn diagram maker. Then I remembered that I have Photoshop.) At least it’s better then my last one (context for my long stale Twilight joke)


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