Let Me Just Humblebrag For a Moment Here

I’m not usually one to be all giddy bubbly happy, but can I just say that this week has been fantastic?

Photo by Happyologist

It’s just been wonderful in every sense of the word; personally, I’ve found motivation and inspiration in my workout and eating routines (until this week, I never understood how some people could possibly want to exercise), at work I finally got some time to clean out my task list almost completely, relationally I’ve gotten to send lots of time with The Geek and hang out with a few friends without feeling totally overwhelmed. Just in general, I feel fucking fantastic.

Is that braggy? Probably. But it’s not because I’m perfect, it just seems that all the facets of my life have aligned perfectly this week to cause a spike in my personal fulfillment. I’m sure it will be back to normal next week.

Until then, I’ll be over here knitting furiously away at my lace shawl and watching Babylon 5 (I’m planning on writing a post on it later, which helps me rationalize the obscene rate at which I’ve been blowing through it; “it’s research for my blog!”)

Research into what, goofy hair styles? It was the 90s ok, we all did some embarrassing things.

Happy weekend my friends. If your week was shit, next week is a new start. If it was great, well… sorry, you’ve really got nowhere to go but down. *shrug*


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