Sick Day Guilt

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a lot of weird guilt. I feel guilty about getting behind on my YouTube subscriptions, or not finishing the entire series run of a show, or leaving a crafty project alone for too long.

And, as I remembered today, I feel double guilt for taking a sick day.

Admittedly I’m not really sick, just under the weather due to allergies that turned me into a faucet of the third worst bodily fluids.

In case you couldn’t visualize that. Photo by emmajanehw on Flickr

I got through my morning session to my simple admin tasks… and was then told I’d be heading out to work for four hours with a super energetic kid. I immediately used up my sick hours to avoid spending the afternoon slumped over a binder offering monotone congratulations to a supremely bored child.

“Uh, yeah. Good job kiddo. Go play or something.” Photo by Leonid Mamchenkov on Flickr

So first there’s the guilt of taking a day off because that means someone else has to cover that shift. But even worse, I then have guilt about not spending the entire day being productive. If I was productive, I wouldn’t get better and I’d be miserable tomorrow as well, thus continuing a vicious guilt vortex.

It didn’t help that the California sun shining through the window seemed to conspire against sleep and try instead to force me to be productive.

It’s a beautiful day, and you’re a lazy bum. Photo by Maureen Lunn

So I put on Simply Rain to set the appropriate sick day mood and sank into a lazy fog of naps, watching Babylon 5, and knitting a lace shawl (see TV show and craft project guilt, above). Take that, weather, and your stupid allergies too. *blows raspberry*

Apparently sick days make me not only guilty, but give me the mentality of a five year old. It’s cool, it’s alright, I’ll be back to grown up working mode tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Sick Day Guilt

  1. hahaha that snotty nosed photo is SO GROSS on so many levels!! Why would anyone who looks fairly mature let snot run down their nose and then think that taking a photo is a good idea! ewwwwww ;)
    Sounds like it was a one of those proper sick days instead of a fake one though.

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