An Ode to Dresses

Photo by Helga Weber on Flickr

I’ve always had a bit of a crush on dresses. They’re feminine and stylish and appeal to my practicality as one piece outfits. I love that dresses smooth over my bumps and lumps, removing concern of muffin tops or crack popping out when I bend over.

There are styles to fit every occasion, and as I learn how to sew they appeal to me even more since they’re so much simpler than pants.

But alas, our love cannot last.

Try as I might with undergarments to protect myself from accidental viewings, there is just no way that a dress or skirt being flipped up by the wind or a child is not awkward. It doesn’t matter how thick or matte the material I’m wearing underneath, it still feels like I’ve exposed myself and I can’t help but feel embarrassed (heehee, em-BARE-ASS-ed).

There seems a simple solution: only wear non-pants items when I’ll be in the office. Except I can get pulled at any time to work with a kid, often running around outside.

Photo by afloden on Flickr

Yes, you caught me. This post was inspired by me naively wearing a skirt I haven’t been able to fit into for ages, and realizing too late that it was a windy day. I spent most of last Friday clutching my skirt with one hand, a clipboard in the other, and chasing after my client while trying not to kind-of-sort-of flash my coworkers (seriously, leggings are really form fitting!).

At least for now, I’ll have to bid a sad farewell to my dresses and skirts…

…at least until the weekend.


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