Spring Break, Baby!

Despite the header image (I just used that to pull your eyeballs, muahahahaha), even in college I was never one to go out and party during break. No, no, I had papers to write and exams to study for. It’s indisputably cruel to make projects due just after break but all of my professors did it, as if malignantly denying me one damn week off.

I’d make a giant to do list of everything I’d need to do for all of my classes (and all the reading I’d need to catch up on because I completed the bare minimum required of me) and then promptly veg out into my computer for a week.

But here is where I get some payback. Three times a year, the company I work for has a week long vacation – it’s even paid for people at my level and higher! If I was one level lower, I’d still need to work a second job to make ends meet. If I had a degree, I’d be a salaried employee and thus work during the week would be not technically required but also pretty much necessary.

I have finally hit the spring break sweet spot – I’m staring down ten days of pure, uninterrupted vacation. It’s about damn time!

Of course, because I’m… well, me, I still have a list of things to do, but these are much different than my college era to do lists. Let’s start with the fun stuff!

Because yes, I’m weirdly guilt ridden and feel bad for not doing fun things. I feel guilty for being too far behind on a TV show (I still haven’t seen the Doctor Who Christmas special and literally feel bad about this). This also lets me have a break so my to do list isn’t all work and no play.

  • Shink! Time to whip out the hidden wrist blades and assassinate some Templars. I’m looking to finish up the first Assassin’s Creed because oh my god I’m so far behind! The Geek keeps wanting to talk about the story that’s been revealed in the fourth or fifth game (I can’t even keep track of how many of these there are now).
  • Finish Kavalier and Clay. I’ve got a two person book club running with one of my friends and have been taking forever to finish this up. It’s a good book, I’ve just been short on time, and it’ll be great to get through it.
  • Watch through season 6 of “Friends” as well as some of the myriad of videos under my “to watch” bookmark folder. This probably sounds gratuitous, but I’ll need some entertainment while I….

…work on my creative skills!

  • I’m almost done with my first sock of a pair, but I really hate just sitting and knitting without watching or listening to something. 
  • I can’t watch TV while I do this, but I’m also planning on getting a week buffer of posts on here. When I had it more planned out I felt like I kept a better balance of personal vs crafty/cooking/pop culture posts. Because my life is just not interesting enough to write about twice a week.
  • I’m officially running my own Dungeons and Dragons campaign and now that I’ve indulged in a geek t-shirt, I need to prep for the next couple weeks.

I’ve let myself get behind on basic stuff since I’ve been in the city, and it’s time for me to make up for that.

  • I’ll be finding an optometrist and dentist, and making an appointment with both (ideally during my next vacation) and a hair appointment because my hair is ridiculously thick and if I go to long without getting it thinned it gives me headaches.
  • Spring break means spring cleaning! Nothing too serious here, just a deeper clean than I do on a weekly basis, and getting rid of the couple things I’ve been meaning to give away.
  • I’m really interested in doing once a month cooking, so I’m making a sample menu that I can start testing out and tweaking.

 Finally, for my new year’s resolutions I decided to work on skills, but until I got my promotion I realistically had no time to work on it, and I’ve got some catching up to do.

  • My handwriting has improved, but not much. I’ve set a goal of one page, front and back, of handwriting practice a day (or ten on the last day, I’m not picky)
  • I’m working slowly up to sewing clothes, so as a beginner project I’m doing a simple quilt for my soon to be born nephew. The pieces are cut and I have all of the materials, so if I can finish the top (I’m not sure what the technical term for this is, but the pieces all put together without being quilted to the back) that would be a fantastic start.

If I somehow manage to do all this, I should probably give myself some sort of reward. I’m oscillating between one day of unmitigated laziness (one day of laziness after ten of work isn’t bad at all) or a massage.

Do you have a spring break, or something similar? What are you doing for it, or would you do if you had over a week of free time? How do you reward yourself for working hard (as you can see I’m low on ideas)?


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