For Two Months, I’m Changing My Diet

My Monday post is noticeably late this week; I don’t think I’ve ever posted this late in the day before.

Well, there is good reason. I’ve been cooking up a storm!

Now, I don’t generally like to tell people when I’m doing something like this because I hate being that person that every couple weeks goes on and on about how they’re trying something, then suddenly drops it and moves onto the next thing.

I haven’t even told The Geek about this, but I am pretty excited about it and I don’t feel too concerned with telling my blog readers (all, what, 5 of you?) about it.

I’m doing a Whole30. Or rather, a Whole60. If you don’t feel like clicking that link, it means eating strict paleo for 30 days, or 60 in my case. That means that I can’t have:

  • legumes (including nuts and soy)
  • grains (regardless of gluten content)
  • added sugar, natural or artificial
  • milk and milk products
  • paleo-approved junk food (paleo brownies, paleo cake, etc)
  • white potatoes

I realize that this sounds ridiculously strict, but it’s worth pointing out that I get to have:

  • large amounts of protein
  • tons of fresh vegetables and fruit
  • any condiment that doesn’t fall into the above categories

I read the book by the makers of the program (the program is free, the book is not), and was intrigued by the purpose of it.

This is not another “starve yourself for a month or two, look awesome, and gain it all back and more”. The 30-60 day window is intended to change habits, and the no exceptions policy means that if you happen to have any allergies to these food groups (the most common allergens) you’ll also find out really quickly when you come back to regular food.

I like that this isn’t supposed to be something you do forever, that in everyday life it’s ok to sometimes want chocolate or bread or fries. The authors even actively encourage indulging cravings when you feel them, but of being mindful while you do it; savoring the taste, going slowly, and stopping when your craving is fulfilled instead of just mindlessly bingeing.

So I’m actually looking forward to these two months. I’m intrigued to re-calibrate my taste buds so that vegetables taste sweet (a common observation) and experiment with basic sauces and seasonings.

In all fairness though, I say two months, but that’s my out. At some point, I am probably going to want to give up, and at that point I can say “wellllll let’s make it a Whole30” and “compromise” while still completing a month. It’s a psychological cheat, but I’ll totally take advantage of it.

Well this blog post has been very successful… at helping me procrastinate the giant pile of dishes in the kitchen. Boooo.

Normally I’d ask you about your diets (i.e. normal eating habits) but food is such a personal, intimate thing that it can be kind of hard to talk about.

Instead, I’d love to hear about your favorite meals – healthy or indulgent, I don’t care. Tell me about the food that makes you happy.


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