The Prodigal Reader’s Book List

I’m not ashamed to say that I basically grew up in the library. Being home schooled and all, I had a lot of time. The library was an easy place where both my mom and I could find something to do, and I’ve got a lot of fond memories there.

What I am embarrassed to admit is that my reading has gotten into a rut. Even worse, I haven’t really been reading much at all.

After perusing Goodreads for while, I’ve made a list of books for me to read that are all conveniently located in my library (tangentially, I really don’t like buying books. I have a very low rate of repeat reading and am also poor and quasi-minimalist), so here’s my list, and I’d love to see yours:

At the top of my list are books recommended by other people:

Then, I’ve got my easy, comfort zone books.

Finally, we’ve got out of my comfort zone stuff that might be a little harder to reader. More emotional, maybe, or some viewpoints I’m not used to:

What are you reading? Do you read the same sort of stuff most of the time? Any book recommendations for me (I love book recommendations!)



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