Living in an Internet Wasteland (but making it look pretty!)

My friends, I write from the trenches. I’m an eye witness reporter from an isolated wilderness. It’s….

A place with no internet.

Dun dun DUNNNNN.

That’s right, the new apartment won’t have internet until Thursday. Since we moved on Saturday, that is six days with no Youtube, Netflix, blogs, or instant access to information as I’ve become accustomed to it.

I thought I was being really smart putting a few recipes and crafty references in tabs on my iPad. Unfortunately, every few hours it tries to be really helpful and refresh all my internet pages, so everything I had up becomes “cannot open page”, gah. Stop trying to be helpful, iPad!

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to stay busy with unpacking, but I’ve got a ways to go.

I always think that unpacking will be simple and easy, and I’ll be done in no time. What happens instead is a real-life version of “There’s a Hole in My Bucket”. For instance, if I want to make dinner instead of picking up fast food for the zillionth time this weekend (my weight loss goals are going….erm, wonderfully. Let’s just put that on hold for now, mkay?), first I need to get groceries. Ok, no big deal.

Now, let’s make some chicken! Wait… I need a knife. The knives are all still encased in the hard plastic I bought them in, so I need some scissors. Where did those scissors go? Well, while I’m here I might as well start on organizing these office supplies…

Half an hour later and I suddenly remember that, wait, I was doing something! Oh, right, dinner! And thus the cycle continues.

Since I mentioned in my last post that I’d been working on a few things to spruce up the apartment, I thought I’d show you a before and after photo. And yes, just outside of the edges of these photos is material chaos, but at least for now I scooted all my stuff slightly out of sight to get you these pictures.

My bed area before wasn’t bad, but not particularly special. I wanted to make it look a little nicer, a little more grown up.

Bed - before

To add some color and interest I added: two accent pillows, fabric covered canvases as a faux-headboard, and used up my last big and two small canvases to make this awesome herringbone art (I mean, what else would I do with the five large canvases I got for Christmas?).

Bed - after


I definitely like the new look. It also wasn’t particularly expensive since I already had the canvases and paint.


If we look a little lower, I can also show you my nifty new bed frame. It cost a chunk of my budget, but means I no longer need a box spring (one less thing to move), folds up compactly so that it can fit in even my tiny car, and allows storage underneath it.

Now you see it...

Now you see it…

With a nice little bed skirt, it tucks all of that neatly away. Handy!

Now you don't!

Now you don’t!

Do you guys have any DIY home projects you’re working on? I’ve got a couple more I’m hoping to at least start this week before the distraction of the internet returns to me. What are your favorite projects to do yourself?


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