It’s Movin’ Time!


That, friends, is not a stock photo. That was my room as of two days ago. You’re looking at a large chunk of my possessions, broken down and packed up for moving (yes, another move, because life happens sometimes).

While it would be great if I had a buffer of blog posts, scheduled and ready to go so you wouldn’t miss a single post of my scintillating commentary, come on now. This is the first month I’ve even posted regularly and had an inkling of what I was going to write about before the day the post was supposed to go up.

Even that, which started as an organized list with each day correlating to a post and a system of whether it’s been written, edited, or had photos added, has devolved into a list of vague ideas. “Bunny story” and “God I love routines” are actual things on that list.

As I scrambled to pack everything up, try and sell a few things on Craigslist, and found myself anxious about my attempt at a promotion at work, I tried to think of a good topic for this week. I decided that after a crazy week, there’d be nothing better than talking about a few good things that have happened this week (and since it’s a short post, I won’t even make you click the jump to read it. I know, I’m generous.)

  • As mentioned, a promotion I’ve been hoping for has opened up at work. Even better, I had one of my supervisors specifically contact me to tell me it’s available, which I take as a good sign that I’m a solid candidate. (This won’t stop me from being nervous about it, but it’s a start).
  • Since I’m moving this weekend, I’ve been trying to eat up my pantry and fridge. While sometimes annoying, it does mean that my breakfast this morning is hash browns with egg mixed in (like an omelette hash brown. Omelette brown?) with cream cheese on top. Don’t judge me, I’m avoiding food waste, ha!
  • Admittedly, I don’t have past holiday office parties to compare this to, but my company’s belated new year party last night was awesome. We played games for candy and hung out while eating free food and… you know, this sounds a lot less fun than it was. I think it was less the activities than the people involved; I work with some awesome people. It’s pretty telling that as an introvert, usually after an hour or so of hanging out I’m itching to be on my own, but at the end of the night I wasn’t just social but downright hyper.
  • And finally, it makes me smile that just as I was starting to pack up, I got the urge to MAKE ALL THE THINGS . I managed to resist the urge for most of the projects that caught my fancy, but I snuck in a little bedroom revamp and wall art I’ll be telling you about later.

That, folks, is about all the time I have. Wish me luck on my moving weekend, and I’ll be back with a real post on Monday.



We’ll see.


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