Confession: I Don’t Like New Girl

So my sisters have all been trying to get me into this show for awhile. I originally put my distaste down to the whole manic pixie dream girl thing.

Which is totally unfair, because I’m a massive fan of Doctor Who, and he’s an absolute manic pixie dream boy. Quirky fashion choices? Check. Says weird things? Absolutely. Drags everyone around him into crazy adventures while never really changing himself? Hell yea.

So I’m not going to deny that some of this dislike is subjective. The first Deschanel I became familiar with Emily Deschanel playing Temperance Brennan on Bones, and while that character is also quirky and awkward, she’s smart, logical, empathetic and shows a wide range of emotion as well as character development.

So when I did finally catch several halves of different episodes with my roommate, the main character didn’t appeal to me a whole lot.

It probably didn’t help that this was an episode where most of the plot revolved around Jess being unable to control herself while on her period, and one of the guys having a sympathetic response where he acted the same way. Hahahaha women are so emotional, and look at that guy acting like a girl! just isn’t something that tickles my funny bone.

I finally sat down and watched a full episode, and while it wasn’t nearly as bad as the period-centric one, it was just “meh”. You know how usually in pop culture people are always portrayed as unrealistically attractive and witty? This is like the opposite, where they’re all abnormally awkward and odd, so I feel better about my own awkwardness after watching.

I dunno, maybe I just don’t like sitcoms. I’m also not a fan of The Big Bang Theory, but that’s due to the laugh track, portraying geeks as weird people that just need to grow up, and the unfortunate use of Sheldon as every stereotype about Aspergers (I much prefer Abed from Community as an Aspie pop culture poster boy).

Well, at least watching an episode all the way through made me neutral to it, rather than actively disliking it. But now I’ll be curious to see if while re-watching Friends (I’ve never seen all the way through) I notice the same things. Or maybe the nostalgia will just cancel it out :P

What are your favorite TV shows? Do you have any you can’t stand?

2 thoughts on “Confession: I Don’t Like New Girl

  1. I feel the same way about Big Bang Theory. My family is always trying to convince me to stop what I’m doing and watch a whole season, but I committed five minutes of my life to trying it out, and after hearing all the laugh tracks, I felt like that was enough. New Girl has definitely grown on me, but as a B-list DVRed show that I watch when there’s nothing else good.

    • Ugh, Big Bang Theory. Mostly I’m just annoyed at how they portray geeks; they’re laughing at us, not with us. They had a Dungeons and Dragons episode, which I play and was hoping would be ok, but it was juxtaposed with the women going out to a bar and talking about how immature the boys were, and the men wouldn’t let the girls play. No thanks, I’ll stick with Community (if it ever comes back!)

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