New Year’s Skills, Not Resolutions

2012 has been a good, but kind of crazy year, and I’m honestly looking forward to putting it behind me.

Normally around this time after all the excess of the holidays I start proclaiming that there’s a new diet I’ll be going on and a strict workout regiment that will have me looking amazing, because this year, I swear I’m actually going to do it.

But lo and behold, late in the game of 2012, I’ve actually already been doing that. I’ve lost my “easy” weight, and now I’m working on getting healthy and becoming fit, before the year’s even over!

Hmmm. But what about those resolutions? “Keep doing what I’m doing” seems hardly worthy of a shiny new year.

So let’s try something different. For 2013, I’ll be working on tangible skills, rather than my health.

Improved Handwriting

I’m not sure if this should be called a skill or a habit, but either way my handwriting is awful. Horrible. Whether I stay in ABA or switch over to teaching, I’m going to need to have readable writing that I can still do quickly. I’m planning on spending the first month or two of the year working intensely on this one, since this seems like the easiest one and will also remove the self-consciousness I have around my awful writing.

Basic French

Since The Geek and I are planning to move to Canada, even though most people also speak English it would also be good for me to have the basics of French down as well. I don’t necessarily expect to be fluent by the end of the year, but I want to be able to hold a basic conversation and get necessary information. I’ll be using livemocha and listening to Coffee Break French, hopefully with The Geek as my conversation practice partner. I’ll start this in spring or summer.

Math: Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry

Math Dances

(And possibly trigonometry, since that’s where I quit in high school, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here)

I’m very bad at math. It was always my worst subject (by which I mean I got B- or Cs) and when I took my GRE pre-test I realized just how bad at it I am.

This is a whole-year goal, since I’m guessing it’ll take quite some time, and I’ll be using my GRE study guide (that I bought before I realized that I wouldn’t be going to grad school) and Khan Academy to help me.

Basic Garment Sewing and Tailoring

Sewing Machine
I’ll be undertaking this at the end of the year. My constant excuse has been that my weight is fluctuating and I’d hate to put a bunch of work into something only to have it not fit properly within a few weeks.

I’ve been saying this for approximately 3 years.

It’s time to put an end date on it.

Whatever my weight or body shape at the end of September 2013 is, I’m going to start making my own clothes then. This gives me long enough to get rid of the 15-20 pounds I’d like to lose, put also puts out a deadline.

I’ll probably never make the majority of my wardrobe, but I’m sure going to give it a shot. Sewing has intimidated me for a long time, so this is fairly similar to math in that I’d like to learn it and get it over with.

And those, my friends, are my goals for 2013.

Are you making any New Year’s resolutions this year?


6 thoughts on “New Year’s Skills, Not Resolutions

  1. Like your sewing skill resolution! I have the same resolution for the coming year as I want to make a garment every month (and get skilled in the mean time :p )

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