Forever Alone Online

Okay internet, you’re letting me down.

I hear all of these stories of people making great friends through blogging, but how does one actually do that?

Hi, Internet Friend. Where can I find you?

I know this must exist. Partially because I doubt that every single person that has talked about this is just lying, but also because I experienced it.

About a decade ago, in junior high (holy crap I feel old now!) in real life I was bullied and sad, with only one or two friends, and I was just about silent during the school day.

Then I came home and logged onto Neopets, went directly to my guild, and burst into a bustle of activity and friendship, all of us playing pranks on each other and having long message board postings for hours.

I got my first taste of HTML and Photoshop with my guildies, and finally felt like I could by myself around someone without being mocked openly or in whispers behind my back.

We all grew up and drifted away by high school, but those are still my main fond memories of my tween years.

So how do I get that again, as an adult?

Honestly, I’m not totally sure. My only tactic so far is to look through my favorite topics on WordPress, liking and leaving comments on any blogs that are interesting, and following them so I can continue the process if there are other posts that I find interesting.

What other bloggers do to get pageviews, I’m currently doing to find friends. Is that weird? Sad? Funny?

Probably. But hey, “awkwardness” is in my name, you knew what you were getting into here.


5 thoughts on “Forever Alone Online

  1. I totally get what you’re saying, everyone in the bloggin community seems to be so buddy-buddy… And I just kind of sit at home, making up or tweaking recipes, and then telling the world about it… But unlike you, I never even had something like neopets or anything! At least you know it’s possible.

    If you think about it, blogging in and of itself is an awkward concept :) Thanks for checking out my page and I hope you really do make it soon, and when you do – be sure to let me know how it went!

    • Well hey, this is kinda the first step, isn’t it? I comment on your post, you comment on mine, and it slowly starts to build. Err… not saying that you /have/ to be my friend now or something…

      I’m just gonna stop now before I dig myself deeper. You probably got what I meant :P

      • Thanks for letting me know, got that fixed (I hope)!

        I love your blog… It’s so fun to read… I used to keep a notebook where I wrote down awkward interactions I had with people (I thought they were really funny and I guess writing them out made me feel less like a weirdo and more like an amused journalist) so… I guess you could say, I don’t think you’re more awkward than me :)

        …Not that it’s a competition ;)

      • Aw, I still can’t see your blog :( Hope it gets sorted out quickly!

        I’m glad you like my blog, it’s a lot of fun to write even though it’s not just about my awkwardness. That binder of awkward stories actually sounds kinda awesome – you ever going to give your readers a peek inside?

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