Why Write?

This will sound really off topic, but bear with me.

The Geek and I have been making plans for quite awhile to live together again, and also to move to Canada. How those two goals intertwine is constantly changing; who knows what the plan will be tomorrow?

But it does mean that I’ve been looking much more closely at where I spend my time and money, because we’re going to need all the help we can get, and any extra skills or resources I have are going to be good.

Basically, fast food and hours spent reading notalwaysright.com aren’t really going to be helpful here.

The money part hasn’t been too bad. I ditched my iPhone and haven’t had too bad of withdrawals, I use the broken down gym on my apartment complex instead of getting a gym membership, and I’ve started making most of my own meals.

But where I spend my time is a lot, lot harder.

Not just because I love me some Youtube and Netflix, but there are a lot of little pockets of time that I let slip away.

Take this blog, for example. I don’t write on it often, but I certainly think about it a lot. My current list of drafted posts include:

  • a minimalist/handmade Christmas without being a Grinch (delayed partially because it’s so close it seems silly, and also because I’ve got some family baggage around the holiday and don’t want to sound as bitchy about it as I feel)
  • a fully finished post about The Geek’s family (not posted because I didn’t want to post two personal posts in a row. Well, there goes that!)
  • my personal distaste for the show The New Girl
  • is the “oh, I’m such a geek” trend actually secretly all of us thinking that an “average” person is ridiculously stupid and inept? (I can’t help but finish that sentence with “… or am I just ridiculous and over thinking this?”)
  • sometimes at Target I feel like a social scientist
  • I miss the structure school gave me

I’m not really sure anything there is either a) of significant worth to the population of the internet, or b) not already been said and done, probably much more eloquently or hilariously than I could do it.

And while those aren’t many drafts, those posts sit on my to-do list. Mocking me.

So why do I do this?

I dunno, but I keep coming back to it. I won’t write for a month then get a surge of new ideas that I’m dying to get down on paper.

Quote source, image source

I’ve been surprised to find that I really do enjoy writing. I also like crafting, telling stories, and teaching. Which I guess are all things that fall under blogging, but I don’t feel like I do any of them well.

I don’t ever plan on trying to make a living off of this but if I can make it look nice, and put out some writing that is maybe a little insightful or relevant and occasionally earns a few chuckles, then it’s probably worth it.

So yes, I am saying I write for people to read it. Why else would a make something?


2 thoughts on “Why Write?

  1. Oooh, it makes me so happy you used the graphic! I think it’s the same kind of thing. Yes, you create/write for yourself, for your own satisfaction, but ultimately, you want someone else to read it and see it and appreciate it ^__^

    Love post ♥

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