Thankful and Content

So it’s that time of year again. The time when we all share what we’re thankful for, just before writing out our Christmas wishlist. I am thankful, but every year it seems like more and more that thankfulness lends itself to being content, and having a very short wishlist that it takes me awhile to come up with. Because there really is so much to be thankful for.

I have a job in the field I love, am gaining recognition in it, and will be going back to school next year to move my career forward.

I have a second job that is at least passable and gives me some breathing room to save for aforementioned school and not be too stressed out when an emergency pops up.

I have friends and family who deeply care about me, even if they’re not all in my immediate area.

I have a roof over my head with food in my fridge.

And on top of that I have all of the privileges that come with being a white, cisgendered, college-educated, middle class person in the Western world.

The coming holidays look to be some of the least stressful yet, with the family member who I’ve habitually argued with about presents not being part of our gift giving ritual this year, basically all of my shopping is done except for whatever The Geek decides he’d like, and some minor stocking stuffers.

I’ve started thinking about what I might put on my Christmas list, and honestly I’m having a hard time coming up with anything. There are all sorts of things I want, but they’re either personal and intangible (changes in diet or body composition, working on creative projects) or that require a more long-term action from me (saving for school, my next car, and eventually retirement).

The list of tangible objects that I want is really quite short, and I’m thinking of mostly asking for experiences this year. Maybe a month membership to the fitness studio my sister and I go to together? Dinner and a movie with The Geek? (Les Mis and The Hobbit are coming out soon!)

I’m not totally sure how I’ll generalize this. My parents are good at very pragmatic gifts like covering my car insurance for a few months or getting my grocery store gift cards, so I’ll probably stick with that (I never complain about recurring bills being covered).

But regardless of the how, I think the why is legitimate; I don’t need anything else, and I’d much prefer to spend time with those I care about. Hopefully the rest will fall into place.

Have a happy, safe Thanksgiving spent with those you love, my friends.


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