Why I’m Considering Dumping My Smartphone

About two years ago, after living for a month without a cell phone, I gathered my courage (and my wallet) and wandered into AT&T to get an iPhone 4.

Wait, a month without a cell phone? Eeek, how did I even manage?!

It’s telling that in just a couple short years I’ve become so dependent on my phone. It’s my camera, calendar (when I can get it all to sync up), my to-do list, my entertainment, and my ever-present mini computer. Which is great…. kind of.

Because it’s also a problem for me to have such a great little tool with me all the time. Anytime I’m bored or have downtime, I instantly whip out my phone. But being “bored” is a more and more common feeling for me.

Sitting out at dinner with The Geek, waiting for our waitress? Out come the phones. On break at work? Phone. Eating breakfast? Phone. It seems like I’m starting to need constant stimulation and am no longer comfortable with any sort of quiet, and my phone is becoming an extension of my hand.

And then, of course, there’s the financial part of the equation. I’ve spent over $2000 on my phone over the last two years ($200 to buy it, $75 a month for two years, and my more expensive plan now at $100 a month), but since I’m a texting person and don’t use very many minutes, I could switch to a regional pay-as-you-go carrier for $10 a month.

That wasn’t a typo. Ten dollars. A month. Literally a tenth of my current bill.

As much as this sounds like a post full of confidence and optimism, I’m actually not fully sure how well I’ll cope without constant information and entertainment. I’m guessing that it’ll be better for me in the long run, but I may be cranky for awhile in the interim.

Am I the only one that’s switching back? I hear about lots of people going from dumb- to smartphones, or staying with a simple phone, but I haven’t heard of many coming back from having a super-powerful phone. Any tips? Anyone? Seriously, I’m definitely taking suggestions here.


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