The Magic of Moving

Alas, the summer is ending, even if the temperatures here don’t reflect it. I’ve finished up my Summer of 1000 Things, successfully getting rid of or reusing 1000 things over the course of several months (granted, most of it was digital clutter since I live on my laptop).

And by the end of it, I was coming back to the areas I’d started with, noticing that they probably needed to be worked on again. I attempt to be a minimalist, but even my level of having stuff seems to require constant upkeep. Booooo.

Then, one night near the end of August, I overheard a phone conversation the sister I’m living with was having, presumably with another sister. Now in retrospect, I realized it could’ve been about several other things, but in the moment it sounded distinctly like she was complaining about me living there.

Off to Craigslist! Among the heinously overpriced rooms, apartments in bad neighborhoods, and an occasion post that a female could live somewhere if she was open to being friends with benefits and cleaning up (is being a cleaning woman prostitute really that common of an arrangement?) I found a few possibilities and nervously sent off some responses.

It felt remarkably similar to my brief stint with online dating, and my blurbs probably sounded about the same; “Hi I’m Rachel! I’m 22 years old, working as a teacher/therapist combo for kids with autism. I like reading, knitting, and video games, and I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner sometimes….”

What do you know, within a day I had a response and had stopped by to view the place and pound out the details. This Saturday I’m moving in.

I’m also, however, working all day Friday and eight hour shifts on both Saturday and Sunday, so I’ve been packing up and moving in bits and pieces for the last week or so.

It’s amazing what this move  does to put my stuff into perspective. As I went through my things it was much easier to get rid of stuff as I asked myself “do I want to stuff this in my tiny car to move it, even the mile or so to the new apartment?” If I even had to ask the question, the answer was usually overwhelmingly “no.”

Then of course, there’s the joy of getting everything into the new room, organizing it and making it look nice. I’ve had to prioritize what I need, versus what I can move, so I’m trying to organize my new room in a similar manner: the stuff I need the most is most easily accessible, and the stuff I use less is more hidden away.

I mean, I’m really happy to have a sewing machine, an iron, and a hot glue gun, because when I need them they are ridiculously handy, but for the other 95% of the time I’m quite content having them tucked away somewhere where they don’t cause visual clutter.

So this is my life right now: work my ABA job, nap, retail job, sleep, repeat, and squeeze packing and crafting in where I can fit it. It’s hectic, but my Christmas present to myself will be quitting my job at the place with a bullseye logo and regaining my weekends and sanity. I’ve got 88 days – if you don’t hear back from me after that, don’t worry, I’m just making up all my lost sleep.


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