I’m A Social Media Hipster

Fun fact: between writing this original post, re-reading it, re-writing most of it, then re-re-writing it from scratch when WordPress deleted it but kept up my older, worse version, “social media” sounds really strange to me now and I had to Google it to make sure I was using the correct phrase.

I’ve now officially been working in retail for over three months. While I’ve noticed a few things about having this job, one of the most interesting is that I’m now around a much more diverse group of my peers than I’d usually pick to hang out with; I generally make a beeline for the educators, geeks, and intellectuals, and now I’ve been forced to hang out with people significantly different than myself.

My conclusion? I’m awkward. But I already knew that. Also, I’m a social media hipster.

Wait! Don’t worry, I’m not going to be dressing like a hobo or saying I’m doing everything ironically. Promise.

But here’s the thing, I’ve deleted my Pinterest and Tumblr, don’t Tweet or Instagram, and my Facebook timeline is generally collecting dust (I haven’t changed my profile picture in over a year!)

The closest thing I have to a “social media presence” is a Google+ and Springpad, and I don’t think Springpad even counts since even though people can follow you it’s just a bookmarking tool that saves pictures but also lots of information about what you’re saving (a.k.a. Pinterest with more functionality but less, forgive me, mainstream). At least on G+ people share things that they’ve made, or that are informative.

The problem I have with all of the others is that I just don’t care about your nail polish/gym check-ins/eating habits/productivity levels/sleep/day trip to the city. At least some of those things I’d be happy to talk to you about one-on-one, but when it’s blasted out to everyone within earshot it’s no longer particularly interesting.

I get it, we all want to look cool, clever, and accepted, so we post the stuff we’re proud of and that makes us happy. Or at least things that will get us attention, which will make us happy.

Or there’s always “I’m just exhausted from working SO HARD!”, making social media like a job interview when they ask you what a weakness is; say that there’s something bad, except it’s actually a good thing because it shows you have work ethic.

Ok, fine, so I’m just going to be a grumpy old woman yelling at folks to get off my… internet…lawn? That metaphor got away from me.

I’ll just leave this here. Instagram, the musical: “Instagram: with just one touch my life looks cool!”


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