Summer of 1000 Things Update and Miscellany

Oh hey there! It’s been two weeks since my last post already? Whooops… I’d been hoping that picking up a second job and working everyday would help me organize myself like I did in college, but since I have no deadlines for dishes or crafts, mostly I’ve just ended up surfing the internet and watching Netflix. It also makes it a little harder to mark the passage of time without a weekend, hence the “what do you mean I haven’t posted in two weeks?” moment I had several days ago.

Here’s what I’ve been up to in the last few weeks, condensed into handy bullet point form because I can’t think of any way to connect them all together (and also because I really like lists):

  • I’ve discovered that I am, officially, claustrophobic. Whenever my dad forced me to change the oil in my car I cried like crazy while being under the car, but I always assumed I was just freaked out because my dad had been hurt so many times while working on cars. When my headphones dropped underneath my bed I thought it would be no big deal to just wiggle underneath and grab them, but instead found myself getting freaked out. It probably didn’t help that A was on Skype with me at the time, patiently waiting for me to grab headphones so we could watch Arrested Development. I finally ended up using big BBQ tongs, then pushing my bed as far against the wall as it could go so that hopefully it won’t happen again. I definitely don’t like small spaces.
  • I’m loving Legend of Korra. It’s predecessor,  Avatar: The Last Airbender was a great show, but Legend of Korra is amazing. The music is a blend of 1920s swing/jazz and traditional oriental, and the world is fascinating as it’s moving into an industrial revolution and rapidly creating technology. There aren’t filler episodes, and I’m so used to shows waiting until just before the season finale to really move the story forward that after every episode I wonder if that was the season finale. Oooh there’s a new episode up! Wait, focus; blog first, then Korra.
  • Working at a retail store has quickly lost its luster. Originally I found the endless folding of clothes kind of relaxing, but now that I’m out of training I’m finding that I’m getting in trouble for things I was never actually told how to do – or even that I needed to do them at all – and that irritates the hell out of me. I’m really hoping that this doesn’t have to be a long term job.
  • Our kitty Misha has been insistent about getting in and out of my room several times throughout the night, and more than once I’ve found myself groggily giving the instruction used to teach kids how to deal with no, “that’s not available”. Which is silly not only because she can’t understand me, but also because inherently cats don’t accept no as an answer.

I’ve also been trying to get her to meow instead of scratching at the door to get out, and just found myself saying “good job meowing!” to her. It’s a cat, Rachel, she’s not going to understand social praise.

I think I need to get out more.

Anywho, it’s probably time to do a little update on The Summer of 1000 Things Challenge. You may notice that there’s now a handy dandy link up near the top of the page where I’m keeping count since I don’t particularly want to talk about each of them in-depth.

So far I’ve completed just shy of 400 items, whoo! But I’ve also gone through everything I own, so I’m not really sure that I’ll be able to get to 1000.

I am by far most excited about finally cleaning out my car, which is usually a mess with stuff from work. Now it’s all put together in a cloth drawer, which is flexible enough that it can get moved around to fit what needs to be in it, but rigid enough that I can put it in my backseat and in one fell swoop have my car ready for passengers.

I’m also quite excited about finally making up a materials binder for work. I’d noticed that most lead tutors always brought scissors, tape, plain and construction paper, and velcro with them, and thought it was a great idea but never got around to putting those materials together for myself.

It took sheer annoyance to get me to finally do it as I found that every time I brought out data sheets to one of my houses they somehow disappeared and we were back to trying to take data on lined notebook paper. Combined with the convenient discovery of an old training binder from a previous company, it gave me the motivation to put all my materials in one place. Behold! All of the materials I could basically possibly need for a session!

Ok I get that most other people would neither be impressed or excited by this, but it’s a big deal to me.

Yea… I definitely need to get out more.

Anyway, since all of my physical items are sorted I’ll be moving on to my digital space, and working on some replacing, reusing, fixing, etc. As it’s noted on the 1000 Things challenge page, I realize that digital clutter might not be considered “real” clutter, but I use my computer enough that it’s a source of both annoyance and guilt for my stuff to not be in order.

Are you doing any summer cleaning and organizing? Any tips for getting digital stuff organized?


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