DiY Canvas Jewelry Hanger

I’ve never been a big jewelry person. I like a little here and there, but usually I end up forgetting about it. Especially since I’m now in a field that isn’t conducive to wearing anything dangly or that can be grabbed, I really never wear jewelry. I’ve been doing some spring cleaning to keep myself busy during my work transition, and I noticed that I still had a small jewelry stand that was very nice, but almost completely empty.

I’m one of those people that loves Ikea for their ingenuity in using small spaces rather than for the cheap furniture, and as such I person I was inclined to find a way to store my jewelry without using up all that excess space. I decided to try out a project I’d seen a few times on the net that allows jewelry to be displayed on the wall rather than in a box.

There are all sorts of variations on this, everything from picture frames with netting to canvas and ribbon, but I decided to got the canvas route since I already had some on hand. It was painted in a blue-green gradient from an attempted painting I gave up awhile ago, which happens to match my earrings. Though I guess if I ever buy bright orange earrings I might have an eyesore on my hands.

Yes, that is all of my jewelry. Totally not worth taking up space for a three pairs of earrings, two necklaces, and three rings (hanging on a necklace out of sight)

For the lace I used a roll I found at Joann’s, which was a lot more than what I needed but I guess now I have plenty for any… lacy… projects? Ok fine, that wasn’t well thought out but I couldn’t find anything else I liked. Anyway, I recommend finding something with bigger holes than you’ll think you need; it was a little tricky to get my earrings in the first time.This would also look cool with actual lace fabric, but go with what you can find or like the best.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • canvas
  • glue
  • scissors
  • lace
  • earring findings (or other similar object that can be attached to lace and have necklaces attached to the other end)
  • pliers (n/a if using something in place of earring findings)

Alright, to start this off, flip the canvas over and smear one side of the frame with glue, covering a large area so there’s plenty for the lace to hold on to.. I used my finger, but you can be more sophisticated and use a brush. Measure how much lace you’ll need to go across, cut it, and attach to canvas. Continue cutting strips and using the first one as a length guide until you cover the whole side of the canvas.

Wait impatiently for it to dry.

Gently wrap lace across the front of the canvas. Turn over again (it should be facing down again) and smear other side with glue and put ends of lace on.

Hold lace on and wait some more. While waiting, you can start checking for any weird bumps or bulges on the front from not having the lace quite straight. Once the second side is dried, you can tuck any excess lace that’s making a bulge to the back and glue them it as well.

Ta-da! You’re already most of the way there! All that’s left is to add the findings so you have a place to put your necklaces.

Decide on placement for your findings. I started off with them spread out all across the bottom, but as I got going decided I liked them better bunched up on one side.

Slip the long wire end of the finding through the lace so that it’s touching the canvas, then through another hole in the lace to come back out. Twist it around itself using the pliers a couple of times or until it feels sturdy enough, and continue with the rest of the findings.

Put your jewelry on and admire your handiwork.

What are your favorite space saving diy projects?


4 thoughts on “DiY Canvas Jewelry Hanger

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