Excerpts of a Little Bit of Everything

I’ve been entranced by the idea of writing a blog for a long time. I’ve tried a personal blog, but frankly my life is particularly uninteresting so the whole thing felt narcissistic. I’ve written on a geek/personal blog once a week for over a year now, which I like since it’s more like a conversation, but I have some other interests I wanted to write about as well and thus had an incredibly short-lived foray into a craft blog.

There were a few months where I didn’t blog at all, except for my weekly input for the collaborative blog, but as I looked at all the interesting things people make and talk about on the web, I found myself wanting more and more to be part of the conversation. So finally I decided to make a sort of “catch-all” blog that could cover the different things I like, but then I was met with the hardest part: what on earth would I call it?

There are so many creative names for blogs, books, articles, I wasn’t even sure where to start to find my own little niche. Most have the subject of the blog right in the name, but with so many different things I wanted to talk about, how could I choose just one, or even two, to use?

One evening I was Skyping my long distance boyfriend, A, and whining about the whole thing. He started throwing out names I could use, each of them admittedly horrible, until on a whim he shouted “Exploits of Awkwardness!”. I howled with laughter and said on the spot that I’d use it, but since this was just before I went to bed, somewhere in the night I got the words mixed up and found myself registering Excerpts of Awkwardness instead.

The next day A came to visit, but I ended up not feeling well at work and coming home early. At first I thought it was just something minor, like I needed to get rid of something in my stomach, and after some bowel-cleansing through various exits (I’m trying to make this silly, not squeamish, but this is proving more difficult than I expected) I felt much better. And then… not so much.

The cycle continued into the night with bouts of stomach-wrenching pain and relative calm in between, with me trying to stay positive and hoping that each sprint to the bathroom would be my last. I’m the kind of person that had thrown up only twice in my entire life before this, so running to the bathroom every 30 minutes was a new experience for me. Between the periods of sickness A and I caught up on TV shows and talked and soon came to realize the blog name mixup, with each deciding that the name we’d remembered was the best and half-heartedly trying to convince the other.

Finally at about 2 am, I’d had enough. It’d gotten to the point where absolutely nothing – even liquid –  could stay down and what was coming out from both ends was pure liquid, and I wasn’t peeing…

In pain, starving, crying and exhausted, I woke up my roommates (also known as my sister and her fiance) to ask what to do, since they’d been similarly sick several weeks before. We talked about whether or not I should go in to the emergency room, since there was no way this was normal, but they suggested picking up some Gatorade and asprin and tucking in for the night. I woke A up and gave him directions to the nearest 24 hour Walmart, and he dutifully, if sleepily, set out to find me some medicine.

Upon returning about an hour later, he dropped them off with me in my room, told me he loved me, and started to wander off to find a germ-free place to sleep. He paused just before the doorway and turned to me with a silly grin, saying, “now that was an exploit in awkwardness!” I giggled myself to sleep, though you’ll notice that it still wasn’t enough to change my mind on the site’s title.

I immediately started putting together blog ideas, but was burnt out with my current job since I had a long commute on top of working full time, leaving me with just enough time in the day to sleep and try to have some semblance of a healthy diet and good exercise habits, so those ideas remained just ideas.

One week ago, I was offered a job that will essentially pay the same, but for only half the hours, so I’ll finally have some time to write, create, and with any luck contribute to all the neat stuff that happens in the blog-osphere. Check back next week for the start of my new blogging experience!


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